Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Few Miscellaneous...

I have been too lazy to put any pictures up, in addition to the fact that we haven't taken too many lately.

I didn't get too many pictures of Fathers Day, unfortunately. Didn't even get a picture of Tim. It was at Todd and Amys this year. Everyone brought something. It was an Italian theme. Amy prepared stuffed chicken breasts and pasta, Sandra brought an orzo salad. By the way, I highly recommend this salad. Jeff and Susie brought the fondue and I brought mozarella sticks and gelato and ice cream.

Hunter was able to perform some tricks for us, including somersaults and cartwheels.

The fondue table. Susie brought the fondue.

Jeff is working on the fondue pot, which is malfunctioning.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Very Special Niece Visiting

Suzanne is here for a week from North Carolina to see us and attend our Post Falls Convention. We are so happy to have her!

Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend some of Tim's cousins came over - some he and his siblings had met once or so, and some that had never met. Lots of table talk and stories flew across the table as everyone became acquainted. Lots of fun!

Yes, we had rain and Tim was out barbequing in a downpour!

Can't resist this picture of the boys.

It was Grandpa's 89th birthday and he wanted a flag to put out on his little patio.

Great Aunt Darlene and Hunter spending some quality time.